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Who am I?

My name is Francisco, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since 2018 I cut all bind with my family. On the 27th of September of the same year, with no technology and all my belongings fitting in no more than a 70L backpack, I started a trip that would last 2 years. All the rest were left in my old flat, with a note to my family saying to give them away to people who needed them. Since then, I live as a nomad.

Starting in Tucuman, Argentina, I hitchhiked for over 10 months, through Northwest Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Later, I flew to Mexico, travel and work during 6 months. With my visa closed to expired, I went back to Colombia, where I spent 9 months in quarantine due to publicly known facts.

Since the day I left, I travel to understand the world as a whole, in order to find out how to make a real change in a crumbling world and society. I strongly believe that, regardless of our conditioning in terms of being part of a nation, traditions and cultures, we are all human beings, and that is our unifying factor from which we must begin to face life. Apart from the words that might sound nice, we first have to be honest to ourselves and live according to what we see as correct, that is what I believe.

One day I decided to start a blog with a very simple goal, to share my story and show that it is possible to drastically change our lives and follow what we feel, by just acting. It is a fact that life needs to be taken and lived seriously, and that means to understand ourselves and act upon.

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