Natridis project mockup
Ripped paper effect for footer section


Branding - website design & Development

About the project

The website was designed and built for a business idea my partner and I had, Natridis, an ecological web design agency.

Our main purpose was to help ecological businesses, from big green companies to small artisan or family brands. In order to convey a green vibe, I gave the website a living, modern and smooth look.

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From a dedicated team to a multilingual website

A Trilingual site

Increasing exposure and being able to reach people around the world in three different languages is, certainly, a nice-to-have when starting a brand. The site is specially personalized for the language of preference.

A Minimalistic Approach

The site was design with a simple idea in mind, answer all questions from potential clients, easily. The site consists of 4 pages, Home, About, FAQ, and Contact, where each of the subpages is a single section which takes the whole viewport, with no scrolling needed.

Web Experience

Full screenshot of the Natridis homepage.