Chatapp project image, which shows the hero section of the site.
Ripped paper effect for footer section

Chat App

Website design & Development

About the project

Concept project for a start-up chat application, designed on Figma and developed in Webflow.

The design, fonts, and colours have been carefully selected to represent a futuristic working environment vibe. Banking apps were taking for inspiration.

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Identifying The #1 customer
and the unique identity

The user

The #1 customer and user would be a team leader who needs to communicate easily and fast with his/her partners, sharing documents, sending voice messages, and other multitasking activities, all in one simple place.

Chatapp mockup showing two persons talking on the phone and communicating between them.

A unique user Experience

The main goal of the app is to deliver a great experience to the user, by bringing new features to their customers with new interfaces, multi tabs, group calls and more.

Chatapp mockup which shows the functionality of the app.

Web Experience

The site is aimed to show, briefly, the main functionalities of this start-up for an early launch.

Chatapp entire home page screenshot.